Write an expression that evaluates to true

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Programming Ruby

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What is a conditional? A conditional is a statement that evaluates to true or iserxii.com of your control structures rely on conditionals. Write an expression that evaluates to true if the integer variable x contains an even value, and false if it contains an odd value.

Write an expression that evaluates to true if the integer variable x contains an even value, and false if it contains an odd value. This content requires that you purchase additional access. The price is $ or free for our Make Life Easier and 30 Days – Not Recurring members.

Write an expression that evaluates to true if and only if the integer x is greater than the integer y. So, if the value of x was 15 and the value of y was 11, then the value of your expression would be true.

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Working with Items in DynamoDB

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Expression basics

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I'm trying to create a switch statement but I can't seem to be able to use an expression that gets evaluated (rather than a set string/integer).

Expression basics Write an expression that evaluates to true
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