Mr shelton complaint

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Connecticut Disc & Laser Therapy Center-Dispute-#3098593

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Perverse justice: politics and hubris inside the Washtenaw County Courts

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The Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center Merges with Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists (Posted on: August 30, ) The Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center (OSM) has merged with Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists (COS) and is now able to bring a new level of care to its patients.

Information about Kurt Shelton was first submitted to Scambook on Apr 27, Since then the page has accumulated 2 consumer complaints.

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As written in Mr. Shelton’s letter to Mr.

Mr.Shelton complaint

J.W. Sewickley, president of the company, he said that he has been outraged by the entire episode (the fact that he left his laundry in a store to be cleaned, that it took more than 6 weeks in order to have his clothes back and that, to cover this lack, he has to buy other shirts), by the way.

3ABN & Danny Shelton v. Gailon Joy & Robert Pickle

In that context, Mr. Shelton’s request is not at all unreasonable. If I were Mr. Sewickley, I would use the opportunity presented by the complaint letter to make one last attempt at service.

Mr shelton complaint
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