Is english killing other languages essay

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Do you think English language is killing other languages?

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Is Text Messaging Ruining English?

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“Is English Killing Other Languages” is a large inquiry. whether we can fault entirely English as the cause of increasing figure of nonextant regional linguistic communications or other factors are besides at work.

Languages are dying in a very big way everywhere in the world. And who is to blame is the much asked question. And our topic for the project, “Is English Killing Other Languages” is a big question, whether we can blame alone English as the cause of increasing number.

On the other hand we also have people criticizing the growing usage of English Nicholas Ostler founder of endangered languages [ELF] said “English is killing off scores of minority languages in its wake to spread, with English creeping in among younger generations everywhere as the language of mass communications and symbol of progress minority regional languages are becoming increasingly.

The English language does not only impose its vocabulary on other languages, but is also constantly adopting expressions from other languages and cultures as well. Therefore English cannot be said to be a killer language in such general term.

Languages are dying in a very big way everywhere in the world. And who is to blame is the much asked question. And our topic for the project, “Is English Killing Other Languages” is a big question, whether we can blame alone English as the cause of increasing number of extinct regional languages or other factors are also at work.

Is texting killing the English language? Texting has long been believed to be the downfall of the written word. However, texting correctly is not strictly writing; it is more similar to spoken language, one that is getting richer and more complex by the year.

Is english killing other languages essay
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