English segmental phonology

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Speech assessments

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Connected speech

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Indian English

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Segmental vs. Suprasegmental

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Segment (linguistics)

This book sets out to explain developments in the field of non-linear phonology that have taken place since the mid s. It sees phonology as compromising several tiers.

Segmental Features in Phonology

Segments in phonology are conceptualized as consisting of bundles of features, or feature-value pairs. In Feature Geometry, the features show a hierarchical structure; for example root features like consonantal or sonorant dominate lower features like continuant and class nodes like place.

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In phonology, there is a subfield of segmental phonology that deals with the analysis of speech into phonemes (or segmental phonemes), which correspond fairly well to phonetic segments of the analysed speech.

Segmental vs. Suprasegmental So far, we have mainly been looking at features concerning individual sounds or phonemes. If we investigate phonetic or phonological detail in this way, we are working on the segmental level since each phoneme is usually assumed to be one segment of speech.

English segmental phonology
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