English lit coursework gcse

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View the WJEC GCSE English Literature qualification, specification, training, past papers and other resources available for teachers and students. Gweld y cymhwyster TGAU Llenyddiaeth Saesneg CBAC, manyleb, hyfforddiant, cyn bapurau ac adnoddau sydd ar gael i athrawon a myfyrwyr.

GCSE English Literature (). For exams May/June onwards. Version Visit iserxii.com for the most up-to-date specifications, resources, support and administration Skills In studying the set texts students should have the opportunity to develop the following skills.

Extracts from this document Introduction. Abstract The aim of this investigation was to investigate Glanzer and Cunitz theory of the Primacy and Recency effect that the first few words and the last few words in a list of will tend to be remembered and recalled.

GCSE. English Literature. Exam board content from BBC Bitesize for students in England, Northern Ireland or Wales. Choose the exam specification that. I'm currently supposed to be doing my English Lit A2 Coursework - the one where you have to compare two books of your choice.

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English lit coursework gcse
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