English for specific porpose

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English for Specific Purposes

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English for Specific Purposes This course is ideal for those who wish to improve their English language skills in a specific area, such as law, finance, technology, medicine, travel, aviation, teaching, accent softening and personnel/human resources.

English for Specific Purposes: Its Definition, Characteristics, Scope and Purpose 2. Definition of ESP ESP seems quite flexible discipline and different people have defined it differently.

We can count as many definitions as the number of linguists who have defined it. verb (used with object), pur·posed, pur·pos·ing.

to set as an aim, intention, or goal for oneself. to intend; design.

Learning English for Specific Purposes

to resolve (to do something): He purposed to change his way of life radically. At the time, teachers of General English courses, while acknowledging that students had a specific purpose for studying English, would rarely conduct a needs analysis to find out what was necessary to actually achieve it.

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English for specific porpose
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English for Specific Purposes: What does it mean