Case study of upm kymmene

Uruguay River pulp mill dispute

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Stora Enso

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Over the years we have built up a strong relationship with UPM, starting with mobile phone contract provision for UPM Raflatac and. Stora Enso Oyj (Swedish: Stora [stuːra] and Finnish: Enso [enso]) is a pulp and paper manufacturer headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with significant operations in four company was formed by the merger of Swedish mining and forestry products company Stora AB and Finnish forestry products company Enso Oyj in It has approximately 25, employees ().

green business could be achieved by a firm such as UPM Kymmene Oyj. This study is a case study based on literature review and a seminar on stakeholder management given by Grant T.

Savage in at the University of Tampere. UPM Raflatac; the labelstock department of UPM Kymmene – the world’s foremost business in the pulp and paper market; started an internal venture on “clever labels” in The primary choice to be made is whether to keep the venture more “independent” with the supreme goal of spinning it off or to subsume the venture back into the.

Reporting Initiative framework is briefly described, after what the case study begins. A series of interviews were conducted with executives at the international pulp and paper company UPM Kymmene, in order to determine how suitable their current.

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Case study of upm kymmene
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New UPM Finesse case study on paper finishing techniques