Asian art of rhinoceros

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Ritual Vessel in the Shape of a Rhinoceros

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Suppose, several independent variables survived. Explore plcombs, Asian and Chinese Art's board "Carved Chinese Rhinoceros Horns, Carve Rhino Horns" on Pinterest. | See more ideas. The Asian Art Museum is one of the largest museums in the Western world devoted exclusively to Asian art and culture.

Home to more than 18, works of art f.


The rhinoceros was almost extinct in China by the time of the Ming dynasty (–) due to hunting and habitat destruction Major support for the Asian Art Museum’s education programs and resources is provided by The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, the Koret Foundation, Wells Fargo Foundation, and The Hearst.

Rhino Horn Art. It is an awkward fact that great artworks are sometimes created amid deplorable circumstances. Next week the popular PBS program Antiques Roadshow will air a segment featuring a record-breaking appraisal of Chinese rhinoceros horn carvings (check their site for local scheduling).

It is hard not to think of the current plight of the. The Asian Art Museum is 50 this year, and we want you to be a part of the celebration. We’re pretty proud to have one of the most comprehensive Asian art collections in the world, with 18, objects spanning 6, years.

View in Asian Art Museum's Collection > Listen to Jay Xu, Director of the Asian Art Museum, discuss one of the museum's masterpieces, Ritual vessel in the shape of a rhinoceros, as you view the object in 3D.

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